5 Great Gifts for Someone Awesome

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5 Great Gifts for Someone Awesome

I'm both a tech geek and an entrepreneur. I love anything that's new, innovative, and exciting. I love products and services that change the way that we interact with the world around us. I love tinkering and creating. I love building things, and I love tearing them down. Here are just some of the latest and greatest that I've come across to help you find a gift for someone that shares my love of tech and all things awesome!

Cubify Cube & CubeX

So it may be out of the reach of most for home use, but this is truly the gift for the person that has everything. And if they end up coming across something they don't have, all they have to do is print one out! The CubeX is a 3D printer and is the newer model that's larger than the original Cube, allowing you to print items as large as a basketball in up to three colors at a time.

Check out this video taken at Google I/O 2012 of the original Cube:

Cube: $1299; CubeX: $2499

Nintendo NES

Yes, I know I just went on and on about loving new technology, but how can you pass up the opportunity to own the icon of a generation? Plus, with the increasing popularity of games on mobile devices, simpler, old school-type games are becoming more and more popular these days for times when you just don't have the time to sink into a long, convoluted storyline. Or just invite some friends over to play Duck Hunt all night! You can buy them used from about $70 or new starting at $390 from Amazon.


The Nimbus is an intelligent alarm clock and digital dashboard that helps you monitor up to four things of your choosing at a time. Use your smartphone to set each display to show the information that's most relevant to you, plug it in, connect it to your network, and watch it go to work, updating itself in real-time. $129.99

Bluebuds X

What's more annoying than dealing with the cable for your headphones while you're working out? I can't tell you how many times I've yanked my phone off the treadmill or pulled the wire out while turning the lawnmower. Bluebuds are wireless (well, there's one wire that connects them together), in-ear headphones that connect to your device via Bluetooth so you don't have to bother with the plug-in connection you're used to. They're the official training headphones of the USA Triathlon so they've been well-tested with elite athletes to be sweat proof and remain in your ears during even the most rigorous workouts. $169.95

JAYBIRD BLUEBUDS X // Product Overview from JayBird on Vimeo.


OneLogFire is a self-contained, quick-light, portable campfire. The entire package consists of a log that's been slightly hollowed out to burn from the inside out so the fire is contained within itself. Simply light the wick and enjoy up to two hours of compact fire that is perfect for a night on the beach, making smores around the campfire, or a cool (temperature-wise, that is - no pun intended) night at home with friends. $23.95 for a 2-pack or $65.95 for a 6-pack.

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