Quick Chat With Steve Messina of Blow Up Hollywood

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Quick Chat With Steve Messina of Blow Up Hollywood

NextStop’s pick for live show of the month is approaching next week: Blow Up Hollywood at Treme in Islip on Wednesday August 19. We recently caught up with Steve Messina whose self-proclaimed “ambient pop-rock collective” will be performing the special concert at a really cool venue down on Main Street in Islip.

Will this be your first time to Treme?

I've been to Treme before to see a show.  I loved the club so much that I decided to book a performance there. The room has a great vibe, and it's one of the few places on Long Island that supports original music. This will be our first time performing there. We need more places like this on the island.  It's important.

Tell us about your current/most recent album?

Our last record came out in 2014, "Live at The Rockwood Music Hall." The Rockwood has been our home in the city for years, so we decided to record an album there. It felt like the natural thing to do.

What are your recording and/or touring plans in the near or far future?

We are in the process of working on a new record as we speak. With any luck it will come out in the summer of 2016 and we will follow that up with a tour.

What’s your favorite musical moment(s), on or off stage?

There's been lots of great moments over the years. Without question the recording of our first record in 2001 is a huge highlight. We spent a month in a beach house in Westhampton making it. We lived together and wrote music and walked on the beach and cooked great meals. It's a time I will never forget. The birth of the band.

Where do you personally have the most fun/enjoyment playing music (stage, studio, , kitchen, couch, in a field somewhere, etc)?

Playing music anywhere is great. There's a quote by Walt Whitman, "Good audiences make good poets." I'd say that applies. Also, good acoustics is helpful. Doing anything on the beach or in the woods is better.

What was playing on your car radio when you turned it off last?

Static! It's broken...

What do you want for your birthday, or Christmas, or Hanukah, or just out of life?

I'm not into material things. Pure unadulterated Joy.... And a whiskey. Wait... That's the same thing. 

Photo: Courtesy Steve Messina

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