DIY Garden Hacks

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DIY Garden Hacks

Use Eggshells to Plant

Forget buying more pots to plant your seedlings in. Try using egg shells for your veggies to grow in. Take care to crack your eggs as close to in half as possible, then simply clean the shells well with water and poke holes in the bottoms for drainage. Use the eggs’ original carton to hold them all together till they’re big enough to transplant in the garden.

Recycle a Water Carton into a Watering Can

For a cheap, easy watering jug, find a one-gallon empty milk, water or juice carton, rinse it out and poke a few holes in the top with a needle or thin nail and viola, you have a brand new, lightweight watering jug. Use a sharpie to decorate or draw lines for measurement.

Freeze Fresh Herbs for Later                                                 

Place your fresh herbs inside each slot of an ice tray. Then put olive oil over each, freeze it and save for later. Pop each herb cube out as needed and defrost for a few minutes on a paper towel.

Prevent Soil Leakage with Coffee Filters

If you find bits of soil leaking through your pots’ drainage holes, try placing coffee filters inside the pot before adding the soil.

Shoe Holder Hanging Herb Garden

Going vertical in a small garden is an economic way to best use the space. Try handing a shoe holder either on a pole or a trellis. Fill each compartment with soil and your herbs and face it south. Or if you have the shoe but no rack, nail a shoe to a post toes down and fill with dirt.

Plant Roses Using Potatoes

Add a little rosy color to your garden by taking a few rose clippings and inserting each into a potato by making a tight hole and screwing it in. The potatoes provide almost the perfect amount of nutrition for the rose. Special Tip: Once planted in the soil, cut two ends of a plastic bottle and surround the rose clipping with it. This will give your rose a little greenhouse to grow in.

Add Flavor with Empty Wine Bottles

Old wine bottles have many uses in your garden. They can be used as plant hangers or decoration around the garden’s edges. For a cool effect at night, drop a glow stick in each bottle.

Tree Stump Home for Gnomes

The kids will love this one! Using any tree stump in your yard, get together to create a gnome home. Using paint, cardboard or little pieces of decoration from the craft store, you can have yourself the cutest little home for your garden gnomes.

Capture Rainwater for Your Plants

Create your own irrigation system by using a barrel or garbage pail, putting it under your gutter, and inserting a spigot at the bottom. You can connect a normal hose or use a soaker hose to gradually water your garden. Special Tip: Cover the barrel or pail with an old window screen to keep the water clean and to prevent bugs from getting inside.

Lemongrass Keeps Mosquitoes Away

If you absolutely hate mosquitoes (who doesn’t?), plant a mature Lemongrass or other Asian plant. Keep the plant in your house by the windowsill for a few weeks then transfer it into your garden. The bugs will stay far away.

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