5 Gift Ideas for Golfers

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5 Gift Ideas for Golfers

Not sure what to get for the golfer on your list? We've got you covered. Each of these includes a link to buy on Amazon for anybody else that's as addicted to their Prime subscription as I am! And if you don't already have a Prime subscription, click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial, use it for your holiday shopping, and cancel in January!.

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator - $299

For those of us in the northern part of the country, the three to four (or more) months a year we can't play any golf takes a toll (our current weather pattern notwithstanding). For the golfer that needs a place to practice at home, this golf simulator from Optishot, the Optishot 2 is just what the doctor ordered. While it takes some tuning and refining to get it working, it's definitely a much better option than not touching the sticks until mid-April!

The base package only comes with the small mat that is elevated about an inch-and-a-half off the ground, so pick up one of these add-on mats that fits around the Optishot. Just be sure you have a place where you can swing a club indoors!

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder - $248

These days every golfer needs a rangefinder. I prefer laser's because of the flexibility they afford in measuring non-standard distances (e.g. from under this tree, how far is it over that sand trap and then how far until I go into that pond.) Amazon has some awesome deals running through December 22 on rangefinders so it's time to jump on them! For my money, whenever you're dealing with optics, there's no reason to look any farther than Bushnell.

Bushnell Golf GPS Watch - $121

While everyone should have a rangefinder, not every golfer likes lasers, and for convenience it's hard to beat a good golf GPS watch. The battery will last your whole round, you never have to worry about leaving it in the cart, and if you're a better golfer than me you get all the yardages you need in a compact package. Right now, there's an awesome deal on this Bushnell for 54% ($143) off, but there are plenty of other options available if you're picky.

Golf Swing Analyzer - $129

The Zepp golf swing analyzer is a nifty little device that clips onto your golf glove and connects via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet. The app not only tracks swing data recorded by the sensor, but also allows you to record video of your swing (well, allows someone else to record it for you) and analyzes various performance metrics to provide tips to make improvements. It also allows you to visualize your swing in 3D and can be a great, relatively inexpensive option when going for a lesson isn't one.

Indoor Putting Green - $32

What golfer can't use a little more practice on the putting green? And what better time to practice than the winter! This 3' x 9' kidney-shaped green offers three different hole targets and "sand trap" cut-outs behind the holes to catch errant putts (a.k.a. most of them).


Free 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial Subscription
Bushnell Golf Rangefinders
Bushnell GPS Watch
Optishot 2 Golf Simulator
Golf Mat for Simulator
Zepp Swing Analyzer
Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

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