How to Plant a Hamptons Garden

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How to Plant a Hamptons Garden

The front and back yards of the lavish homes of the Hamptons are full of beautifully tailored gardens, filled with greens and colors of all sorts.  If you are looking to either spruce up your Hamptons home like those of your neighbors or if you want to create a Hamptons garden at your up-Island or out of town home, you will want to plant the following, according to Chris Connolly of Aspatuck Gardens in Westhampton Beach, who offered the below list.

1. Hydrangea

Nothing says classic Hamptons look than a blue hydrangea. The snowball shaped blue flower has been a staple of the east end forever. Pro Tip: Endless summer varieties provide blooms from June to September and you won't have the pruning issues of the niko blue.

2. New Guinea Impatiens

While shade impatiens are a no go due to the downy mildew disease that has stopped garden centers like Aspatuck from selling them the past three years, New Guineas are immune to this, flower all summer long, come in a plethora of colors, and are relatively deer resistant. Connolly's top choice for an annual plant.

3. Nepeta or Catmint

This is a long blooming perennial that the deer won't eat and works in a plethora of lighting conditions. Plus, it will grow basically anywhere.

4. Zonal Geraniums

While many botanists might call this a boring choice, it just works out here in the Hamptons. If you have to head back to the city on Monday and won't be back till Friday, this is a perfect plant since it is drought tolerant and will still be alive without watering by next weekend. It also loves the sun and can tolerate salty wind on the beach.

5. Montauk Daisy

Honestly, I really don't like it as a plant, but it has the east end in its name. Late season bloomer that signifies the end of the season. Pro Tip: Trim it back in early July to encourage compact growth and more flowers. Fun Fact: its common name was the Nippon Daisy until World War 2.

Photo: Flickr | Matthew Straubmuller

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