10 Must-Have Summer Beach Items

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10 Must-Have Summer Beach Items

It’s time to turn up the theme from Jaws (I’m playing the soundtrack as I write this), hit the sand, soak up some rays, get a saltwater fix, and kick back. Summer’s here and the time is definitely right for having fun in the sun. Here is some gear we’ve spotted that should make the whole beach/summer process a lot more interesting and fun.


No, not that kind. For your iPad. Want a cover for your iPad 1, 2 or 3 that is waterproof (to three feet for 30 minutes), as well as sand, dust, liquid, snow and germ resistant? And it floats! Get hold of the LifeJacket iPad case from — who else? — LifeJacket (lifejacketcase.com). It’s $94.95 for the case alone and accessories include a stand-up bracket.

The Noblo

No more tumble-weeding beach umbrellas, impaling your beach neighbors and flying down the beach. Get a Noblo Umbrella Buddy. It’s one of those smack-yourself-in-the-forehead inventions created by two moms. Tie it to your umbrella and fill it with sand. Ta-da. No more flying umbrellas. For $14.99 from thenoblo.com.


Want to be the first kid on the block with something? Well, try the Ezyboat. It’s a towable pod that becomes a 14-foot fiberglass runabout. When open, it’s 14.5-feet long, and eight-feet wide. Its road legal trailer is integrated — the wheels retract into the hull — and it can be powered by a gas or electric outboard up to 25 horsepower. It will hold 440 pounds and has a self-draining cockpit. Figure to pay about $22000-ready-to-go for the exclusivity! From ezyboat.com.


What’s summer without taking the kids fishing? Check the Hide-A-Hook Bobber. It features a traditional round red-and-white bobber, but while it’s being cast or retrieved the hook remains in the bobber, only dropping out when it comes to rest on the water. It comes packaged as a fully equipped tackle kit, with two Hide-A-Hook Bobbers, a jar of artificial bait, extra hooks and whatnot, and a kid’s fishing guide. It’s available in Barbie, Disney Cars and Spiderman motifs for $11.99. From Shakespeare, shakespeare-fishing.com.

Sand Gone

Simple concept. How it works, I haven’t a clue. Sand Gone is a dry powder, which, when applied to sandy parts of your body, removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth. It’s made with all natural ingredients with a hint of coconut fragrance. Beats rubbing sand off the kids’ tushes with a dry towel. Try it for $12.95 from sandgone.com.

The Phoenix

Sometimes today’s technology astounds me. This is one of those things. The Phoenix is a portable speaker/receiver (it measures about three-inches cubed), which connects, via Bluetooth, to anything (iPod, MP3 player, smartphone, etc.) that you have with music on it. No Bluetooth? It also hooks up with 3.5-mm jacks. Either way you have a chargeable speaker that will blow your socks off. It’s just under $100 with a USB charger line and jacks. From Beacon Audio, beaconaudio.com.

Truck Rod Holders

Those of you with pick-up trucks will love this rod holder that both holds and locks your rods to the truck. The welded, powder-coated, aluminum crossbar locks to brackets attached to existing tie down holes in your truck bed. The bar holding the angled rod holders can be removed as one piece, and a stainless steel cable threads through your rods, keeping them attached to the holders. Expect mid-$400s for your truck. From Boating Outfitters, boatoutfitters.com/truck-rod-holders.


Here’s some new swimwear aimed at keeping the youngsters’ skin in good shape under those strong summer UV rays … and it’s a snap to doff and don! It’s UV 50+ swimwear that has a full-length zipper down the front (it comes as a two piece set if you have a little one with diapers). Called SwimZip, the suits blocks 99% of the UVA and UVB cancer-causing rays. A variety of styles from $17.99 to $29.99. From swimzip.com.

Electronic Bikes

Polaris — yes the snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, Polaris — eight-speed electric bikes are throttle controlled and pedal assisted, can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge, have regenerative braking (when braking over 20 mph, it returns power to the battery), and a plethora of top shelf parts from a 6061 aluminum frame to Kendra wheels and Suntour suspension. The lithium battery fully charges in six to eight hours. A lot of the technology in this bike is proprietary to Polaris, so you get some hi-tech for $2999. Get to the beach with the smallest eco footprint possible. Check these out at polarisebikes.com.

[Editor’s note – we’re aware of some issues regarding the legality of riding a powered bike that’s not registered, especially on the East End, so be sure to check with local law enforcement before you buy!]

Darkfin Gloves

If you surf, dive, knee- or Boogie-board, bodysurf, or just plain enjoy swimming, check out Darkfin Gloves. These latex/neoprene-blend handmade gloves with webs between the fingers, are sort of like fins for your hands. Made in the USA, the gloves are hand poured, come in 12 sizes, don’t absorb water and come in black or a sort of tan/neutral color. If you do anything in the water with your hands, these things make every move more efficient. Can’t beat them for $25.95. From Black Lagoon Products (darkfingloves.com). They also offer ThermalFins for sub-50-degree water ($29.95).

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