6 Strange Stories from Across the World

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6 Strange Stories from Across the World

Well, You Won’t Find This at Tanger

The Arizona Department of Corrections runs — get this — an Outlet Store (aci.az.gov/RetailOutletStore.html), which carries, “a wide range of arts and crafts produced by inmates incarcerated in Arizona.” Custom license plate pocketbooks? Got it. Towels embroidered with a well-executed (pardon the pun) image of a prison and the words “Florence Prison” on top and “A Gated Community” on the bottom? No problem (mugs too). A truly extraordinary range of items and inventory from unique metal sculpture to unbelievable wall-worthy art, all of which “changes daily.” The only problem? You’ll have to go to Florence, Arizona, to buy anything (and they’ll happily show you around, as well). By Arizona statute all dealings must be transacted in Arizona. No mail ordering!

Jurnii Travel Blog

There’s Gratitude for You

A thief broke into a hair salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, but was quickly over-powered by the shop’s black-belt owner. Olga Zajak then took the thief, stripped him, and tied him to a radiator and fed him nothing except Viagra for three days, after which she let the man go. He immediately reported the incident to the police. “What a bastard,” Zajak reportedly said. “Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food, and even gave him 1,000 rubles when he left.” Both were arrested.

— Daily Mail Reporter; dailymail.co.uk

Dirty Minds Want to Know

A billboard advertising the SPY Optic Happy Lens line of sunglasses on Route 101 near Encinitas, California, created quite a furor; so much so, that the billboard was taken down several hours after it first appeared. A statement from the company noted that, “Despite the billboard’s positive reception, an underwhelming minority made enough noise …” So what was on the billboard? “Happy To Sit On Your Face,” because, after all, that is what sunglasses do.

—  ABC 20 News (CA)

I’m Sorry, Your Bribe Will Have to be Larger

A zoning inspector in Chicago had a bribery conviction overturned when the Seventh Circuit of the US Court of Appeals ruled that the inspector should not have been convicted because prosecutors didn’t prove the bribes he took were worth more than $5,000, as the law requires. The inspector “only” took two bribes of $600 each.

Chicago Sun Times

That’s Why They Call Them What They Call Them

Neighbors had been complaining for months about the noise and smell coming from a man’s 20-bird coop, and finally the local borough council (UK) ordered the man to remove the birds. Roy Day, the birds’ owner, thought the order “futile.” The pigeons are homing pigeons, so no matter where Day sends the birds they fly straight back to him. According to a friend, “He has never lost one.”

— Daily Telegraph (UK)

Now That We’re Done With the Election …

In the run-up to the November 2012 election, Austin, Kansas, homeowner Tom Priem, had an Obama/Biden sign on his front lawn. Four times the sign was stomped, ripped, and/or removed, and the Priems decided some investigatory work was in order. Tom’s wife, Beth, caught the anti-Obama … deer. “Apparently, we have a Republican deer in our neighborhood,” noted Tom.

KXAN.com (KA)

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