Adultery in Taiwan

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Adultery in Taiwan

You Think Your Divorce Settlement Was Bad?

A 56-year old Taiwanese woman had a love-affair with a 50-year old man. When the man’s wife found out, she filed a complaint, then later decided to forgive her husband. As a result he avoided legal punishment altogether. The woman? Well, it seems Taiwan has some pretty strict rules on adultery and she faced a possible 298 years in prison. The 894 trysts the woman had will cost her two years in prison or a $24,300 fine. The latest poll by Taiwan’s Justice Ministry showed 77.3 percent of respondents said “no” when asked if they supported decriminalizing adultery. — September 4, 2013,

And, Life Imitates Art Once Again

A man attempting to extricate a badger from a culvert in Eagle, Montana, instead started a grass fire. Which burned four acres of the Shadow Valley Golf Course. The man said he placed the smoke bomb on one side, and then went to the other side to intercept the critter, only the wind shifted, starting the fire. Fire crews from Eagle, Star, Boise, and Meridian extinguished the grass fire with the help of helicopters and airplanes from the Bureau of Land Management. The man was no relation to famed groundskeeper Carl Spackler who attempted to rid the Bushwood Country Club of a gopher infestation and instead blew up the course. — August 15, 2013; Idaho Statesman

The Cops’ll Believe That!

Two British women were arrested while trying to smuggle 24 pounds of cocaine out of the country. Both women, 20, face sentences of 15 years in prison if convicted. Their alibi? They claim they were kidnapped by a South American drug gang while working on the Spanish Island of Ibiza and forced at gunpoint to traffic the cocaine. August 21, 2013;

And You Thought Your Parents were a Pain?

A female dean’s list student at the University of Cincinnati’s famed College-Conservatory of Music decided she’d had enough of mom and dad meddling in her life, and took them to court. The parents put a GPS unit on her computer and telephone, and showed up on campus (some 600 miles from their home) telling college officials that their daughter was promiscuous and mentally unbalanced. The parents were ordered to keep their distance from their offspring by a judge. — December 27, 2012;

Next Time Just Bring Lunch, Dad. Okay?

Florence, Alabama, school officials noticed that a father who showed up at the school to have lunch with his child smelled strongly of alcohol. When searched by a police officer called to the scene a pistol was discovered under his shirt. This loving dad was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit, public intoxication, and criminal trespassing. — August 21, 2013, 48 News;

It Was a Child Care Issue

Down in Volusia County, Florida (New Smyrna Beach, to be precise), a mother was arrested when her two-year-old daughter was found crawling on the roof of the family abode. The child climbed from a deck onto a roof where a very nervous neighbor spotted her and called 911. The mother was arrested on child neglect charges. — October 11, 2012; WFTV-9;

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